Email Marketing Services

Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal.

It can drive engagement and build relationships. Email campaigns also deliver a higher ROI than every other type of marketing category. Set up your emails properly, and it can be extremely lucrative.

You can do a ton with a free email account, but to launch a successful marketing strategy, you need to find the best email marketing service. They come with tons of time-saving tools to help you manage your subscribers, content, and campaigns.

Managing a campaign on a spreadsheet or out of your inbox is going to be a nightmare. With the right email marketing service in place, you can reach more people and cut the legwork in half.

Types of email marketing campaigns

Every day, subscribers receive hundreds of different emails from organizations. Each type of email marketing accomplishes different objectives:

  • Newsletters bring together thought leadership and storytelling to build trust
  • Blog emails promote top-of-funnel content to encourage web traffic
  • Welcome emails give the best first impression to new subscribers
  • Promotional emails advertise special offers or discounts to drive purchases
  • Product announcements launch new products or services for ecommerce or your online store
  • Nurture emails invite additional engagement with a brand, such as webinar invitations, VIP events, gated content offers on specific landing pages, and more
  • Transactional emails manage the nuts and bolts of a sale, such as an automatic invoice, receipt, or credit card notice
  • Retention emails ask for renewal or provide recommendations on additional products or services

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