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Are you looking for a Graphic Designer for your website, business, or personal work? If yes, then you are in the right place because we at Ispier Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provide Graphic Designing services of different kinds. 

We have been providing graphic designs to various businesses, companies, websites for more than _____ years. And we can proudly say that these clients are with us till the day. 

We have a team of ____ graphic designers & they all are well-experienced in different kinds of graphic design types like Visual Identity Graphic Designs, Marketing & Advertising Graphic Designs, User Interface Graphic Designs, Publication Graphic Designs, etc. 

If you don’t know about Graphic Designing completely & its components & types, then let’s find out!

What is Graphic Design? 

Graphic Design is the process by which professionals communicate their ideas & messages through visual content. It involves using different techniques, layouts, typography, visuals & other factors to join in one place & make an informative & meaningful graphic.  

Graphic designs are everywhere & that’s due to how attractive & easy they are to communicate designs & messages. Additionally, most companies, businesses, or service providers use graphic designs to do advertising, boost their sales & services, convey messages or create a brand identity. 

Graphic designing is not only used for commercial purposes, but it can be a medium of expression & art. 

Who are Graphic Designers? 

So, who exactly does graphic designing & what are these people called? The answer is graphic designers. Graphic designers are the person who brings ideas & messages to life through visual representation through the use of various software, tools & even hand sketching. 

Graphic Designers use different kinds of media in their visual designs, including fonts, size, print designs, photography, colors, etc. 

What are the elements of Graphic Designing? 

Graphic Designing is not easy work to do & it involves the use of various elements, principles & software. All these are used together by a graphic designer to create informative & attractive designs. Here are those elements explained:

Different Types of Graphic Designs 

Graphic designing is done for various purposes; it can be for marketing & advertising or for the publication or interface of an app. So let’s get to know about various kinds of graphic designs:

1) Visual Identity Graphic Design 

Visual identity graphic design is concerned with the visual components of a brand. Using images, shapes, and colors communicates a brand’s identity. Creating logos, typography, color palettes, and image libraries is part of this process. 

2) Advertising & Marketing Graphic Design 

This kind of graphic design aims at visual representation to boost sales of products & services. This involves the creation of print advertisements, billboards, posters, flyers, packaging, & digital advertisements like social media posts, video ads, etc. 

 3) Web Design 

The art of web design involves planning and implementing the appearance, layout, and structure of websites. Website design focuses on the elements that are visible to visitors, including the user experience.

4) Publication Graphic Design 

This design focuses on creating layouts and selecting typography and artwork, including photography, graphics, and illustrations. Color management, printing & digital publishing are the key factors in Publication graphic design. 

5) Packaging Graphic Design

The package of any product is a key way to advertise the product & brand. Moreover, it attracts customers towards itself. Packaging graphic design involves creating package designs in different fonts, styles & for different brands.

6) Motion Graphic Design

Motion Graphic Design involves any graphic but in motion. This includes animations, title sequences, trailers, banners, etc. 

7) Environmental Graphic Design 

Environmental graphic design is a multidisciplinary practice that combines graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design. Its work includes projects of public transportation navigation, retail store interiors, signage & office branding, etc. 

8) Art & Illustration Graphic Designing

The art that graphic designers create can include general art that comes from their minds, original artworks, storytelling illustrations, etc. It is just the creation & creativity of a graphic designer.  

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